Job Requisition Details

Last updated on 02/09/2018

Program Manager Richmond, VA

Job Description

The Program Manager (PM) is the person with the responsibility and authority to manage multiple projects within a program.  The PM is responsible for the overall success of the program and related projects.  This includes a number of standard “best practice” activities, which the PM must lead or perform or maintain oversight of.  The PM is held accountable for oversight of the entire program and project teams under the program.  The PM must maintain the project management process with a high level of reliability and speed.


Accountabilities and Areas of Oversight

  1. Ensure all projects under the program contain the required documentation, (scope, charter, project plans, interdependency schedule, etc)
  2. Communication and Cross-Functional Contributions
  3. Successful progress of the programs and projects
  4. Risk Management and escalation as appropriate
  5. Ensuring highest quality
  6. Develop, communicate, update and execute project plans.
  7. Supervise assigned project staff.
  8. Supervise development of systems design and program code to specifications.
  9. Maintain productive working relationships with end-users and other IT functions
  10. Create and maintain all project documentation to include Sponsor updates, dashboard updates, project plans, risk registers, etc.
  11. Manages, monitors, and coordinates IT and business projects.
  12. Reports on project progress with the project management tools.
  13. Monitors project resource allocations.
  14. Performs special projects upon request.
  15. Provides consultation and assistance with project management.
  16. Requires analysis, gathering of facts, and preliminary study of project information.
  17. Ensure scope is documented and all involved processes are documented end-to-end.