Job Requisition Details

Last updated on 06/04/2018

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst Richmond, VA

Job Description

MaconIT is looking for a Senior Digital Marketing Analyst for a full-time position in Richmond, VA



Run paid search campaigns, email, displayed search, etc. They partner with folks who run direct mail campaign – lead tracking and testing for all campaigns. Must haves are Google analytics, tag manager. We need to understand what happened with each of our campaigns. Did it translate to a sale?


Lots of Testing – AP Testing

Software: crazy egg

Digital web optimizer

Others are adobe, optimizly.

Really focused on scale and ROI – how can we increase these efforts? We are leading the ROI framework.

Other BI tools are OK not just Tableau. If they have the capacity to learn that is fine. I’d say the same for Adobe Optimize. Google Analytics is a must. Google Tag.

Ideal candidate:

This role is focused on change management and consultative aspect. We are a data driven company on the immature side but with progressive reach.

Act in some capacity as a leader, coach, patient teacher. Must be a teacher. Idea of being curious and being a self-starter. Avg v really good v great is someone who is curious. Someone who is proactive and can think on their own.


Interview Process:

We will request a work sample - Show me a story. Analysis, research, what we learned, why, what we’re going to do.