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Spotlight on maconit

We are honored to be in Network News in April 2022. As a SWaM, maconit has been serving the Commonweath for over 20 years! To read more:

April 08, 2022

Fitness Event Reimbursements

Employees can expense running, walking, biking or any other fitness event throughout the year, up to four events. Please fill out an expense form and we will give you a shirt to wear! Contact Carin for more details or to answer any questions-

July 27, 2021


Headed back to the office? Need a maconit mask? Contact Carin at and we can either meet you with one or mail it! 

June 24, 2020


We are proud to offer Aflac at a reduced rate for maconit, Inc. employees! There are several products including short term disability. Please contact Carin at with any questions.


March 06, 2018

Additional Benefits Information

Did you know you can recieve savings on short & long term disablity, supplimental life insurance and 529 college savings plam just for working at maconit, Inc?

Please contact Brent Hailes ( or Bill Moore ( with any questions.


October 26, 2017


We will be matching dollar for dollar for the first 3% and .50 cents on the dollar for the next 2%. If you have any questions regarding the 401K, please call the office at 804-323-1775.

October 26, 2017