Job Requisition Details

Last updated on 02/06/2019

Associate LAN Administrator Richmond, VA

Job Description

Knowledge of PC software applications and hardware is required. Knowledge of Apple products is a plus. Applicants should have desktop support experience in a corporate environment that supports 1000+ people. The applicant should also have worked in a consistently fast paced workplace. Customer Service Skills that include an ability to work with customers at all levels within a corporate environment. Technical: Has the ability to translate that knowledge gained by education and/or experience into benefits for the customer. And an ability to simplify technical speak into verbiage that any customer can comprehend. Expert communicator: Must be an able listener. Communicates early and often with the customer keeping them informed of the situation. Judgement: Ability to respond to multiple customer and employee/contractor requests or demands and properly prioritize the customers. Teamwork: Willingly cooperates and works collaboratively towards solutions that generally benefit all parties and accomplishes company/group objectives. 

This person will work on day to day break/fix computer and software issues. They will work on ServiceNow incidents and service requests. They will work in a team and individually as the need requires. They are responsible for working with multiple business units in a specific platform environment. An incumbent is monitored on performance to established service levels for the department. Work is closely checked, and errors may cause delay or expense to customers. At this time they will also be involved with the move of 2000+ people in the Greater Richmond Area. Employees will move to other locations in the Richmond area. So balancing moves and still supporting customers will be a top priority in the 2nd quarter for 2019. We are also in the midst of upgrading customer's computers to Windows 10. So this person will be involved in some deployments and support of the Windows 10 upgrade. Perform other duties as requested or assigned.